Patriots sign Brian Hoyer to 53-man roster

Brian Hoyer continues to be a yo-yo, a ping-pong ball.

Currently, he’s back on the New England roster. Adam Schefter of reports that Hoyer has signed a one-year deal with the Patriots.

Last week, the Patriots used the prerogative to elevate Hoyer from the practice squad to the roster for the Week One game against the Dolphins, with Hoyer immediately reverting to the practice squad after the game. Now, he’s officially on the active roster.

It ultimately doesn’t mean much. He could (and probably will) be cut again and then re-signed, to the active roster or the practice squad. It’s just one of the games creative coaches can play in order to have, as a practical matter, more than 53 guys on the team.

Since Hoyer is a vested veteran, the Patriots can play the cut, sign, re-cut, re-sign, cut again, sign again game with Hoyer until the trade deadline. After that, he’ll be subject to waivers any time he’s released from the 53-man roster.