Monkey briefly on the loose in Indiana hotel parking lot

A rumored monkey spotted in an Indiana city was confirmed to exist when it was caught on video in a hotel parking lot.

Bloomington Animal Care and Control said the first monkey sighting was reported Sept. 8, when several people reported seeing a man riding a scooter with a monkey on his back.

Reports of the scooter sighting also were posted to social media by witnesses, but no photos or videos emerged.

More reports were received the following day when a man was reported to be spotted with an untethered monkey wandering in Bryan Park.

Animal control was unable to verify the sightings, but Fort Wayne resident Kinta Dowdell captured video after he spotted the monkey wandering loose in the parking lot of the TownePlace Suites by Marriott.

Dowdell said the monkey was on the loose in the parking lot for a short time while a young man and woman worked to wrangle it into a cage.

“It was just running around loose,” Dowdell told The Herald-Times newspaper. “The monkey was obviously doing whatever it wanted to do.”

Dowdell captured video once the monkey was safely back in the cage.

Bloomington Animal Care and Control said monkeys are not legal to keep as pets in the city or in Monroe County. The agency urged any residents who spot a loose monkey to keep a safe distance.